Special Blood Stain Removal Detergent

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Say farewell to bacteria that may be hidden in your underwear with our special blood stain removal detergent! The cleanliness and comfort of intimate clothing can greatly affect our health and daily life. Therefore, in addition to the correct washing and drying methods, it is more important to use environmentally-friendly professional detergent with super deep sterilization, soft and non-irritants during the washing process. 

Our Undergarments accompany us for more than 10 hours every day. Before you realize it there will be a lot of skin secretions such as sebum, perspiration, etc. These stains can easily breed bacteria and directly affect our health if not properly seen after. 


  • Natural raw plant materials
  • Compounding more than 20 enzymes
  • Chemical-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Removes stubborn blood stains and more effectively
  • Natural Swiss Candy Fragrance is added to bring pleasure to each washing
  • Mild formula to ensure the absolute health and comfort of women's privacy
  • Long-lasting sterilization and bacteriostatic, so that you can wear your pieces clean and trouble-free.


  1. Suitable for handwashing only.
  2. Please remember that the recommended dose for machine washing and handwashing are slightly different.  
  3. Be sure to use the directed amount per instructions. 
  4. Remember, adding too much detergent can leave a soapy residue so be careful!




This product is not available for the following countries: 

  1. Malaysia
  2. Hongkong
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. Singapore
  5. Thailand
  6. Ukraine

For all other countries: 

To avoid any spills or leaking, shipping may take longer than expected due to the nature of this product.  


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