Menstrual Pain Relieving Massager

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Our Menstrual Pain Relieving Massager is a non-invasive physical therapy device which provides transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, with three modes combined with the acupuncture and massage stimulation function. Depending on the principle of human pain and nervous reaction, three specific pulse stimulation can effectively relieve menstrual pain.


  • Easy to operate and easy to use
  • Open with a single click
  • Advanced Dysmenorreha TENS technology
  • Combined with the traditional Chinese medicine meridian principle
  • A new method of relief for women
  • Begins to relieve menstrual pain within 30 secs
  • Helps sooth the pains of a period without having to take any form of medicine
  • This drug-free solution requires only the tiny device touching where the pains are
  • Automatic Shut Off 
  • Stimulates the nerve tissue without pain
  • Makes the nerves busy and then closed, so the pain signal cannot be transmitted and perceived
  • The LED indicator is clear and defined
  • The light clamp and portable storage box enables you to take it anywhere

    Modes: 3 modes, 15 Intensity levels

    • Mode 1: Suitable for the menstrual period is heavy
    • Mode 2: Suitable for the menstrual period is discernible
    • Mode 3: Suitable for relaxation


    • It can effectively accelerate blood circulation of neck, shoulder, waist, abdomen, and thigh
    • Undetectable beneath clothes 
    • Can be worn on the go
    • Eliminates fatigue, pain, and soreness
    • High-quality plastic, lightweight, tough and durable
    • Product size: 50*48*20mm
    • High-grade soft and skin-friendly PU material
    • Pure silver layer conducts the biological wave faster and more evenly
    • USB charging, long rechargeable polymer lithium battery inside
    • Working mode: 3 modes,15 intensity
    • Safe and tested
    • FDA approved
    • Natural and drug-free
    • It can be used for 5 hours after the battery is fully charged
    • Automatically shuts down every 20 minutes, which is safe and energy-efficient
    • When charging, the indicator light flashes and the indicator light stays on when the Instrument is fully charged.


    Power of the main body
    Rated input of charging 
    Charging time
    About 2.5 hours
    3.7v/80mAh lithium battery
    Working hours
    30 minutes each time. Can work for a continuous 5 hours if charged fully.
    Impulse width
    2Hz-120 Hz



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