Eco Pads 101


What is an Eco Pad?  

Fabric pads that are worn within the undies to save your menstrual fluid (blood from uterine lining) from leaking onto your garments. They're a form of reusable feminine hygiene products and are an alternative to disposable sanitary napkins or to menstrual cups. Eco pads are much less highly-priced than disposable pads and decrease the amount of waste produced. Typically, they're crafted from layers of absorbent fabrics (consisting of cotton or bamboo fiber) that are worn at some point of menstruation, post-delivery bleeding or every other situation where it's far essential to soak up the flow of blood from the vagina or to shield undies from a normal discharge of vaginal fluids. After use, they're washed, dried after which reused.


3 Reasons to choose Tricorium Eco Pads 

  1. In the long term, they're less expensive to buy over disposable pads and can last for up to 3-5 years depending on care. 
  2. Overall, they create less waste compared to disposable menstrual products. Tricorium Eco Pads are environmentally friendly and do not contribute to landfills as they are reusable and do not contain any harmful chemicals, bleach, toxins, or plastics.
  3. Eco Pads remove the risk of toxic shock syndrome associated with the use of tampons and it is claimed that some users have shorter or lighter periods or fewer cramps when using eco pads as opposed to disposable products.


 Stay healthy and free by saying goodbye to disposable pads! 


Did we mention that our Eco Pads are: 

  • 100% organic, leakproof, washable and reusable
  • Naturally deodorizing, breathable and antibacterial
  • Machine washable
  • Highly absorbent and the outer is lined with a waterproof Pul to prevent leaking
  • Majority of our pads are made with 100% natural bamboo.
  • Composed of three layers: ultra-soft fabric, charcoal bamboo fabric, and microfiber
  • Three layers provides you a comfortable use and helps you prevent gynecological diseases.


Why Bamboo Fabric? 

We take pride in our products and want nothing but the best for our customers. The workmanship of our Eco Pads is meticulous, the seaming is fine and close, and after repeated washing, it does not deform, greatly improving the service life of the pad.  

Bamboo fiber: It is a kind of cellulose fiber extracted from natural bamboo. It is the fifth largest natural fiber after cotton, hemp, wool, and silk. Bamboo fiber has good gas permeability, instant water absorption, strong abrasion resistance, and good dyeing properties, and at the same time has natural antibacterial, deodorant, and anti-ultraviolet functions. Experts pointed out that bamboo fiber is a natural environmentally friendly green fiber in the true sense.


Fabric effect:

Antibacterial: Bamboo fiber contains "bamboo" antibacterial substance, which has the effect of deodorizing and odor-free clothing.

Health care: The antioxidants in bamboo can effectively remove free radicals from the body. Bamboo fiber contains many essential amino acids.

UV resistance: Bamboo fiber has a UV transmittance of 6/10000, and UV resistance is 41.7 times that of cotton. Bamboo fiber does not carry any free charge, antistatic, and itching

Moisture absorption and dehumidification: Among all the fibers, bamboo fiber absorbs moisture and breathability is the best, and is praised by experts as “breathing fiber”. The towel does not leave odor for a long time.

Comfort: cool in winter and cool in summer, and can eliminate excess heat and moisture in the body

Aesthetics: Bamboo fiber has a natural and simple texture

Environmental protection: Bamboo fiber is a truly environmentally friendly green product. It has no chemical components and no pollution. Bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable.


How many Eco Pads are needed?

For one cycle, we recommend between 6-12 small/medium pads and 1-3 large pads, depending on how heavy your flow is and how long your periods normally last.


How To Use: 

  1. Open the Eco Pad
  2. Place the pad in the middle of your underwear
  3. Close the snap button. Wola! You're all done
  4. Be sure to pack extra if needed