Self-Care: A Healthy Feminine Hygiene Guide

how to care for your self feminine hygiene

No matter how comfortable or confident we are about our bodies, the question of “how do you smell down there” still bothers us. At some point, you’ve thought to yourself, “do I smell normal down there?” and “what’s normal anyway?”

Many people especially men think of vaginal as the dirtiest place in the world, but what they don’t know is that their mouth harbors more bacteria than the vagina. Every vagina including healthy ones has their own special scent. This different scent is influenced by your diet, clothing material, and how much you’re hydrated.

A healthy mind and body do not only apply to being disease-free. Being healthy can also mean feeling great and comfortable all day long. One of the common way to ensure a fresh feeling is to maintain good personal hygiene especially down there. Here are some basic feminine hygiene tips that every woman should learn and follow.

Keep the vagina clean and dry

Cotton is the ideal fabric selection for underwear because they’re breathable. Cotton fabric will reduce the risk of bacterial infections and bacteria growth because it keeps the area dry and cool. On the flip side, fabrics such as satin retain moisture which reduces airflow, creating friction and irritation. And that encourages bacteria and yeast growth, which can lead to infections. Always remember to change sweaty workout clothes and wet swimsuits to prevent infections.

Because of its normal secretions, the vagina is naturally moist. To help this secretion evaporate, always wear clothes that allow airflow. Airflow is important to dissipate the collection of fungi and bacteria in the area which can cause infections.

Menstrual care

During menstruation, it is normal for women to feel uncomfortable especially with the potentially bad smell feeling. To have a clean feel, a lot of women do douching to clean even inside the vagina. But douching can push bacteria and other menstrual debris inside the reproductive tract. This can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease that is very painful.

What a woman should do when on her period is to cleanse the genitalia using warm water and mild soap. Also, in choosing tampons or pads, it’s better to choose unscented products so that the genitalia are not exposed to a lot of chemicals. Here at Tricorium, we offer a variety of menstrual underwear and eco pads that can help women who are afflicted with certain types of vaginitis, sensitive skin allergies, rashes, and may help reduce the scent of menstrual blood.

Eat right

Try to maintain a healthy diet as it can not only better your body, it can also do your vagina a lot of good. Foods like yogurt with live culture contain normal floras (good bacteria) that can help promote vagina health.

Use a fresh towel

Always wash and replace towels and clothes after using them. Reuse of these things is not advisable as bacteria can cling to the surfaces which means you’re at risk of catching an infection.

Practice safe sex

Consistent and correct use of latex condoms reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea. However, condoms provide less protection against sexually transmitted diseases spread through skin-to-skin contact such as syphilis, genital herpes, and genital warts. However, for a condom to protect you from STDs, you need to use it consistently and correctly. For instance, some people use condoms after they must have had sex for some time without it then they only wear it when they want to ejaculate or sometimes they have sex without any condom. In the case of using sex toys, you should put a condom on the sex toy before use and wash the sex toys with soap and water if the product allows.

Stay clean

It sounds very simple, right? But it’s essential to wipe from front to back until the toilet paper shows zero residues. This will help prevent bacteria from getting into the vagina. Change tampons and pads regularly during your period. Also, if you use panty liners change them often as well. 

When to see a gynecologist

Contrary to what many people do that a visit to a gynecologist is only when there is something wrong, it is advised to visit the gyno often even when you’re not seeing anything abnormal. Gynos are the best people to learn about feminine health and concerns. They will answer all the questions you might have and demonstrate how to properly care for your genitalia.

Frequent visit to the gyno will ensure that you get early screenings to detect certain feminine conditions such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal infections, etc.

Other helpful tips;

  • Wash the intimate area gently to avoid scratching and tearing it as this could cause an infection
  • Drink plenty of water to help flush out infections
  • Always remember to wash your hands after visiting the toilet
  • Avoid the use of strong soup to wash intimate areas

As a woman, special attention should be placed on feminine hygiene. A word of advice though, many feminine hygiene products are on the verge of being unnecessary as the chemical content of these products does more harm than good. In truth, what the vagina need is a set of pretty basic care and not something harsh.

Speaking of feminine hygiene products, Tricorium special blood stain removal detergent is definitely a product worth trying out. With this product, say farewell to bacteria that may be hidden in your underwear. This environmental-friendly detergent with soft and non-irritants, super deep sterilization during the washing process is a good washing option for your undies. Oh, that’s not all! Wait till you hear its feature;

  • It’s chemical-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Effectively removes stubborn blood stains that can cause infections
  • Compounding more than 20 enzymes
  • Made from natural raw plant materials
  • Long-lasting bacteriostatic and sterilization, so you can wear your pieces clean and trouble-free

With all these goodies that this product brings, trying it out will definitely not be a bad idea. So, if you had to throw away underwear because of stubborn blood stains, worry no more as Tricorium special blood stain removal detergent has the answer to your problem.








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