A Topic Worth Discussing: Let's Talk About Our Periods

Feminine Hygiene: Open discussions about menstrual cycle among women

Feminine Hygiene Products:

Can be very harmful to the environment since most products are disposable and contain plastic or extra damaging chemicals. The environmental impact of feminine hygiene products is alarming. Let me shock you! Do you know that over 20 billion tampons are flushed down the toilet thus, being a leading cause of plumbing problem? Surprised? Wait till I finish! When these tampons are disposed of in water or landfills, its chemical component can cause death to organisms habituating in that environment. 

On average, a female will have her period for about 30 years of her life each month, and the outcome is a lot of waste in our landfills, and body toxins. Fortunately, startups like Tricorium are not only providing innovative solutions towards feminine hygiene but are doing so in a manner that ensures we are more healthy, eco-friendly and cost-effective too.

Tricorium is pioneering an advanced eco-friendly movement in the feminine hygiene industry where feminine products can be reused instead of disposed of. Menstrual cups, reusable pads, and sponge are readily available and not far-fetched. But it has not gained much traction so far, because of profit-driven motives of selling disposable once by most companies.

Tricorium eco pad, for example, is a form of reusable feminine hygiene product made from bamboo fabric. These eco pads are 100% organic, washable, and reusable. Interestingly, they’re less pricey than the regular disposable sanitary napkin you see around. The company’s aim is to develop and monitor long-lasting solutions to reducing the harmful effects of female hygiene products on our environment.

It is only sensible for every ovary having a person to consider making a switch from disposable products to eco-friendly feminine products as you will be doing the environment a lot of good and enjoying better menstrual health at the same time.

Embracing your period

Menstruation is still considered a taboo in many parts of the world, in a way that seems not just ridiculous but also confusing.

Women get periods. Which is an important component of the reproductive process through which we all came into this world. This is common sense. And yet many females are made to feel ashamed of their menstrual cycles. In some parts of the world, young girls are encouraged to stay mute about their periods. Have you noticed that even now when you go to a store to get tampons, the cashier will ask you if you want it double-bagged so no one can see it? Like you’re supposed to be embarrassed you bought a tampon.

If you run out of a product and your only option is to ask around for pads or tampons, which is completely inappropriate to many people. You’re then compelled to whisper to a colleague to ask for a totally normal item. This scenario is made to be completely awkward and shameful when there is no logical reason why it should be. It’s biology, not a crime!

Menstruation is to be embraced. Yes, you heard right! And we will talk about a few ways you can embrace menstruation and feel proud knowing you are not committing a crime.

The first rule is to talk about it all the time

When it comes to other aspects of our lives we tend to seek community but when it’s down to our periods we stay mute about it and walk the path alone. We need to talk about our periods as much as we talk about things like relationships and fashion. The key to loving your period is feeling empowered to share and receive advice from other females who have been there before you. By doing so, you will be ready to face whatever that comes next.

Use your period to keep track of your body           

Using your period to keep track of your body is a good way to learn to love your monthly visitor. The menstrual cycle is like a barometer for your overall health and wellness. Things like stress, sleep and diet can cause hormone imbalance and alter the frequency of your flow, getting a regular period indicates that every other thing is ok.

Finding the right period product is very important

Period tech is improving by the day and you will be amazed at the level of safety these modern pads can offer you. All you need to do is find a comfortable and reliable product to help keep things in order even on the heaviest nights of your flow.

Taking the above list into consideration will make you realize that your period is something worthy of your gratitude. No matter how many times your flow ruins your vacation; it is still a very important part of your reproductive health. Plus, many girls believe that menstruation is an excuse to sit on the couch, drink juice, and know that your body is doing its monthly duties, period.

Menstrual health

Effective menstrual hygiene is essential to the health, dignity, mobility, and empowerment of females. Bad menstrual hygiene can cause ill health, leading to school absenteeism and higher dropout rates. Menstruation is a worldwide taboo topic that can lead to misinformation and the promotion of hazardous practices in menstrual hygiene.

The importance of menstrual hygiene cannot be overemphasized. However, it is now gaining attention as a key factor in attaining improved child health, education, and gender equality.

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon. But, it can lead to health issues if not correctly managed. The effect of bad menstrual hygiene on the social well being of women and girls (e.g., stress levels, fear and embarrassment, and menstrual social exclusion) should be strictly taken into consideration.

Bottom line

There is an urgent need for innovative, sustainable and practical solutions to the problems of female hygiene. The problem with stigma is that it denies women a voice in society and makes young girls feel less normal than their male counterpart. Open dialog is the first step towards altering the way females cope with menstruation and making a long-overdue switch to reusable products which are more convenient and cheaper will help women feel more important as they’re obviously helping the planet by making the switch.


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